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February 5, 2020 ITS Money: Peter Middendorp, MSc

Peter Middendorp, MSc | Allnamics

Rapid Load Test in The Hague, The Netherlands for the Sonate Adagio Building

For the foundation of the Sonate-Adagio building in the center of The Hague, The Netherlands, HEK tube piles were subjected to Rapid Load Tests to determine design values for the unit shaft friction and toe resistance for this pile type. In addition to the default measurements of force and displacements at the pile head, measurements were taken using so-called sister bars to determine the load distribution along the pile.The values derived from the test were then used to optimize the foundation design for this building.


  • The testing with sacrificial piles in combination with the application of Rapid Load Tests resulted in considerable cost reductions for the final foundation design.
  • The design approach, with preserving the existing parking basement in combination with the pile testing method results enabling this approach, saved multimillions of euros/dollars for the project.
  • Additional benefits in construction time and risk management.