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DFI Presents Inaugural Bermingham Innovation Award

The Deep Foundation Institute (DFI) presented the inaugural C. William Bermingham Innovation Award to the team of Nicholson Construction Company and Bermingham Foundation Solutions Ltd, at DFI’s 37th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations in Houston, TX.

The team – Luca Barison, Larry Goff and Laurent Lefebvre, of Nicholson Construction, and Michael Justason, Stefano Gabaldo, and Steven England of Bermingham Foundation Solutions – was recognized for the development of the “One Pass Drilling & Grouting” method that accelerated work by as much as a factor of three at the challenging Port of Miami Tunnel Project in Miami, FL. The winning team will donate the $5,000 prize money to the DFI Educational Trust.

Named for C. William Bermingham, DFI’s president from 1986-87, the award criteria were “contributing to the advancement of the deep foundations industry by introducing a new and unique practice including means and methods, design procedures, equipment and materials by an individual, a team or a company. The winner had also to exhibit sustainability.