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DFI Announces Winner of the 2015
C. William Bermingham Innovation Award
The Gerald Desmond Bridge “Cast-in-Drilled-Hole Grout Delivery System”

The Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) announces the Gerald Desmond Bridge “Cast-in-Drilled-Hole Grout Delivery System” as the winner of the 2015 C. William Bermingham Innovation Award.

The award will be presented at DFI’s 40th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, October 12-15, Oakland, Calif., to the SFI Joint Venture team including Shimmick Construction, FCC Construction and Salini Impregilo.

The innovative design for the bridge foundation used a new grout delivery system that reduced costs and risk. To take into account the design loading of the bridge on an active oil pumping grounds, the team field‐designed and tested an innovative Cast‐in‐Drilled‐Hole (CIDH) grout delivery system and grout plate that would be able to utilize the base resistance of the shaft along with the side resistance. The project design required 351 CIDH piles, ranging in size from 5-8 feet in diameter and reaching depths of 102‐185 feet. To drill the CIDH piles, the foundation team used casing oscillators and rotators to advance temporary steel casing through the many soil types found at the job site.

This award is in honor of C. William Bermingham, DFI president from 1986-1987. The criteria for the award include “contributing to the advancement of the deep foundations industry by introducing a new and unique practice including means and methods, design procedures, equipment and materials by an individual, a team or a company.” The award recipient receives $5,000.