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DFI Releases Guidelines for Soil Mixing

DFI and the DFI Soil Mixing Committee announce the release of Guidelines for Soil Mixing.

The new publication provides an overview of the state of practice of Deep Mixing Methods (DMM) in North America as well as a guide specification for deep mixing work. The 80-page document focuses on constructability and feasibility considerations for deep mixing and addresses the following applications: earth retention; liquefaction mitigation; groundwater seepage control and containment isolation; bearing capacity improvement; deep foundations; mass stabilization and contamination containment; embankment, levee and dam strengthening and stabilization; and casing replacement. It is intended that this document provide a basic introduction to wet and dry DMM to enhance its adoption and application in North America.

Guidelines for Soil Mixing is available on the Publications page at www.dfi.org. The cost is $30 for DFI members and $50 for nonmembers. Purchase of this publication includes a PDF of the full guide and an editable Word document of the Guide Specification.