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DFI’s Testing and Evaluation Committee Announces a New Video: Static Load Testing of Deep Foundations Elements  

DFI and the Testing and Evaluation Committee announce the release of a video on Static Load Testing of Deep Foundations Elements: Top-Down and Bi-Directional Static Load Testing.

The 24-minute tutorial presentation provides a brief summary of the current state of the practice for axial Static Load Testing. It shows how static load tests for various deep foundation elements are setup and run. It also shows how the test data are analyzed and how the deep foundation design might change as a result of the testing.

“The video is intended to provide nonpractitioners a better understanding of this foundation testing method,” says Gerald Verbeek of Allnamics Pile Testing Experts and chair of the DFI Testing and Evaluation Committee.

“This is the first video in what the committee plans to be a series of introductory videos on foundation testing methods and data analysis.”

The video can be viewed at http://www.dfi.org/StaticLoadTesting.

Information on the DFI Testing and Evaluation Committee can be found at www.dfi.org, under ‘Groups.’