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DFI Announces New Technical Committee Chairs

Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) announces new chairs for four of its 26 Technical Committees. 

Tim Siegel, P.E., G.E., D.GE, of Dan Brown and Associates (DBA), is the new chair of the Ground Improvement Committee succeeding Tanner Blackburn, P.E., Ph.D., of Hayward Baker. As senior principal engineer at DBA, Siegel serves as managing principal of its Knoxville operation. He specializes in pursing deep foundation, ground improvement and retaining system projects. Besides starting his chairpersonship in the DFI Ground Improvement Committee, Tim is an active member of technical committees within the Geo-Institute and TRB. He is also co-editor of the DFI Journal

John Anderson of Specrete-IP is the new chair of the Manufacturers, Suppliers and Service Providers (MSSP) Committee, following Mark Bryant, EIT, of MacLean Power Systems. Anderson is the owner/president of Specrete-IP, the manufacturer of Intrusion-Aid Grout Fluidifiers used in augercast pile grouts and other foundation elements. He has over 40 years of experience in the concrete and grouting industry. He spent 8 years with Master Builders (now BASF) working with both prepackaged grouts and concrete admixtures, was president of the Spray-Cure/Chemmasters Company in Ohio from 1986–1995, and has been with Specrete since 1995. 

Mark Bryant, EIT, of MacLean Power Systems (MPS) takes the helm of the Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee from Gary Seider, Hubbell Power Systems|Chance. Bryant is the anchor product manager for MPS. A graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham in civil and environmental engineering, he managed geotechnical engineering and construction material testing departments prior to joining MPS in 2011. Bryant is the past chair of the DFI Manufactures, Suppliers and Service Provider Committee. 

Mary Nodine, P.E., of GEI Consultants follows Victor Donald of Terracon as the chair of the Subsurface Characterization Committee. Nodine is a registered professional engineer with more than 15 years of consulting experience in geotechnical and geostructural engineering design and analysis. Her specialties include ground improvement design, deep foundation design, excavation support and retaining wall design geotechnical explorations, and finite element analysis of complex geostructural systems.

Contact: Theresa Engler, Executive Director, (973) 423-4030, tengler@dfi.org