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DFI-KIVI Pile Load Testing Seminar in the Netherlands

August 12, 2021, Hawthorne N.J.:

DFI Europe and The Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI) in the Netherlands are organizing a one-day Pile Load Testing Seminar on October 21 in The Hague.

This seminar will provide new insights on static load tests in compression, tension and lateral loading, as well as on rapid and dynamic load tests. The subject will be covered from the perspective of the client, contractor, geotechnical engineer and regulatory authority from various European countries. Particular attention will be paid to the latest developments in instrumentation, rules for testing and interpretation, including residual stresses after pile installation. The technical and economical benefits and risk reduction of pile load tests will be highlighted. Recent pile load test campaigns will be used to illustrate discussions.

The program includes the following presentations:

  • Egbert van der Wal & Alfred Roubos, Port of Rotterdam: “Aim of Pile Load Tests and Test Campaign in Rotterdam” 
  • Monika De Vos, Belgian Building Research Institute: “Instrumentation of Piles” 
  • Ken Gavin, TU Delft: Interpretation of Pile Load Tests – General
  • Dirk De Lange, Deltares: “Interpretation of Pile Load Tests – Test Campaigns in Rotterdam and Delft”
  • Christian Moormann, University of Stuttgart: “Lateral Pile Load Tests”
  • Melvin England, Fugro Loadtest: “Bi-directional Pile Load Testing”
  • Patrick Bermingham, Berminghammer Foundation Equipment: “Rapid and Dynamic Load Testing”
  • Simon Van Dijk, Dutch Federation of Foundation Contractors (NVAF): “Influence of Grout Composition on Shaft Friction”

 Panel Discussion

The seminar also includes a panel discussion on the “National Approaches of Pile Load Tests and the View of Clients, Consultants and Contractors.” The discussion will be moderated by Sikko Doornbos, Terracon International, the Netherlands. The panel includes Maurice Bottiau, Franki Foundations Belgium; Jan Couck, Flemish Ministry of Public Works; Christian Moormann, University of Stuttgart; Egbert van der Wal, Port of Rotterdam; Flip Hoefsloot, Fugro; and Ton Groeneweg, NVAF.

The current plan is to hold this event in person. If necessary, DFI and KIVI will switch to an online format with an unchanged program, timing and registration fees.

For more information or to register visit www.dfi.org/pileloadtesting21

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