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DFI-KIVI Pile Load Testing Seminars Available

DFI Europe is organized a one-day seminar on October 21, 2021, about static, rapid and dynamic pile load testing in collaboration with the Royal Institution of Engineers (KIVI) in the Netherlands. Contributions were from, among others, the Port of Rotterdam; Belgian Building Research Institute; Delft University of Technology; Professor Christian Moormann at the University of Stuttgart, Germany; and Melvin England, Ph.D., from Fugro Loadtest, U.K. This seminar was not only for pile testing specialists, but also for clients, contractors and regulatory authorities, with a critical perspective shared on the output and possible benefits of pile tests.

Below are the presentations of the speakers:

Aim of pile load tests and test campaign Rotterdam-Egbert van der Wal & Alfred Roubos (Port of Rotterdam)

Instrumentation of piles– Monika De Vos (Belgian Building Research Institute)

Interpretation of Pile load tests – General – Ken Gavin (TU Delft)

Interpretation of Pile load tests – Test campaigns Rotterdam & Delft– Kevin Duffy, TU Delft & Dirk de Lange (Deltares)

Lateral pile load tests – Christian Moormann (University of Stuttgart) (not available yet)

Bi-directional pile load testing – Maarten Profittlich & Melvin England (Fugro Loadtest)

Rapid and dynamic load testing – Patrick Bermingham (Berminghammer Construction) (not available yet)

Influence of grout composition on shaft friction – Simon Van Dijk (Dutch Federation of Foundation Contractors (NVAF))