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Past Presidents

Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) started in 1976 and every year a president is elected by the board of trustees.  Each term is one year but often an individual serves for two consecutive years.

Matthew Janes, P.Eng.2019-2020
Dan Brown, Ph.D,P.E.,D.GE2017-2018
John Wolosick, P.E.2015-2016
Robert B. Bittner, P.E.2013-2014
James A. Morrison2011-2012
Rudolph P. Frizzi, P.E., G.E.2009-2010
Seth L. Pearlman, P.E.2007-2008
Tracy Brettmann, P.E.2005-2006
Richard D. Short, P.E., G.E.2003-2004
Larry Rayburn, P.E.2001-2002
David B. Coleman1999-2000
M. Byrl Williams, P.E.1997-1998
Joel Moskowitz, P.E.1995-1996
Manuel A. Fine, P.Eng.1994
Henry R. Whitty1992-1993
Richard W. Hoener1990-1991
Austin S. Marshall, P.E.1988-1989
C. William Bermingham1986-1987
William F. Loftus, P.E. L.S.1984-1985
Carl W. Fenske1983
D.R. Jordan1983
William F. Loftus, P.E., L.S.1981-1982
G. Robert Compton1979-1980
Richard J. Goettle, III1978
John (Jack) Dougherty1976-1977