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DFI Student Chapter – Europe

The Deep Foundations Institute has been a strong supporter of the University Student Chapters and of outreach programs to university engineering students with specific interests in the geotechnical, soil mechanics and foundation engineering curriculums. Currently we have several student chapters operating nationally providing financial support, mentoring opportunities, site visits to construction sites and employment opportunities within the construction, engineering and design community.

DFI Student Chapters are organized to allow student members to participate in improvement of the planning, design, and construction aspects of deep foundations and deep excavations.

DFI currently supports Student Chapters at the following schools world-wide.

Each school has a faculty advisor and a DFI member liaison to facilitate and promote DFI interaction with university students.

Chapter’s Mission Statement

A DFI Student Chapter is organized to serve as a primary means through which student members of the DFI at a particular College or University may participate in the improvement of the planning, design, and construction aspects of deep foundations and deep excavations. The basic mission of the Student Chapter includes but is not limited to the following:

  • To affiliate students and faculty with contractors, engineers, owners, material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and other persons concerned with the planning, design and construction of deep foundations and protection of deep excavations.
  • To improve and extend knowledge of new ideas and practices of geotechnical design, construction and installation.
  • To encourage and participate in the practical application of research related to deep foundations and deep excavations.
  • To gather, catalog and disseminate information to affect the most economical design and construction for support of structures on deep strata and for protection of deep excavations.
  • To participate in or conduct such other activities as will best promote these foregoing purposes.

DFI Student Chapter Member Benefits

  • Honorary DFI Membership to Active Students of the Chapter
  • DFI Magazine – Published Bi-Monthly
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Discounts or Complimentary access to DFI Events

DFI Student Chapters Active in Europe

Sapienza University – Rome, Italy
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Ignazio Paolo Marzano – paolo.marzano@uniroma1.it

KU Leuven – Bruges, Belgium
Faculty Advisor: Georgios Anogiatis george.anoyatis@kuleuven.be

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