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GeoMisure srl – GeoMisure and Lorenzetto Loris: your partners for grouting equipment and datalogging needs!

Presented by: Manuel Toniolo

Geomisure srl and Lorenzetto Loris srl are two Italian company with worldwide experience in the deep foundation industry.

GeoMisure, born in 1994 as a company of geotechnical services oriented to professionals, developed through the years, and became a manufacturer of dataloggers for the deep foundation industry.

GeoMisure main products are:

  • Jet- Pilot: dataloggers for Jetgrouting technology
  • Fora Pilot: datalogger for drilling parameters
  • CFA Pilot: dataloggers for CFA piles
  • PVP and IPER PVP System: dataloggers for control and record the parameters during grouting injection

All the dataloggers can be equipped with the remote connection kit for remote data download and assistance.

Established in 1989, Lorenzetto Loris srl has more than thirty years’ experience in consolidation and geotechnical works for large civil engineer projects. The company is specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment for tunnelling, special foundation works, micro-piles, tie rods and ground consolidation.

Lorenzetto main products are:

  • Mixers: High Shear Colloidal mixer
  • Agitators
  • Pumps and special assembly (custom tailored container, etc)
  • Vertical Injectors

The new Lorenzetto Elena 80/200 ETH injector pumps controlled by the GeoMisure PVP ETH datalogger is the results of the cooperation though the years between GeoMisure and Lorenzetto. With this new equipment, the customer can control the grouting injection at a very low flow rate without pressure peak, and all the data can be monitored from a remote desktop or mobile devices.