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IDEAL Foundation Systems – BarrelForm Displacement for STELCOR

Presented by: Ben Stroyer

Stelcor has achieved outstanding success in the piling industry over the past 5 years.

In certain clay and silty soils however, the team had experienced challenges that needed to be overcome.

Our Product Development Team committed to provide a more consistent way to achieve maximum pile capacity and greater installation ease in these difficult soils. 

Mission accomplished – and tested – BarrelForm Displacement STELCOR!

Technically, it is STELCOR with the BarrelForm Displacement feature.

The ideal group is successfully using the patented BarrelForm TM STELCOR TM pile.

The BarrelForm Displacement pile utilizes all the effective features of the original STELCOR with the addition of a barrel (steel pipe) that forms the annulus created by the lateral displacement plates and holds and works the soil for an extended time. The BarrelForm works the wall of the soil much like a Potter would form clay to maintain a desired shape.

At the top of this formation is a deformation structure which creates the patented deformation into the soil for maximum friction coefficient.

 The results of this revolutionary development have been outstanding.

  • Excellent load test results
  • Smooth installation
  • Higher and consistent grout takes

All Authors:
Bruce G. Stroyer, IDEAL Group
Ben Stroyer, IDEAL Foundation Systems