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ITS Money 2023

These webinars, brought to you by DFI’s Testing and Evaluation Committee, demonstrate how foundation testing conducted during the design phase, and/or construction phase, can provide data that optimizes foundation designs and construction procedures, thereby SAVING MONEY while increasing the quality of the constructed foundation.

October 4, 2023

Thomas Zwaenepoel, MSc

Speaker Thomas Zwaenepoel, MSc, of CloudPiling presents “Optimization Deep Foundations.”

Marcel W. Bielefeld, MSc, MScBA

Speaker Marcel W. Bielefeld, MSc, MScBA, of Allnamics Geotechnical & Pile Testing Experts, presents Saving Money by Reusing and Extending Existing Foundations.

August 2, 2023

Sharid K. Amiri, Ph.D., P.E.

Speaker Sharid K. Amiri, Ph.D., P.E., of Caltrans, presents “SR 405 Design Build Project- Geotechnical Oversight.”

Matthew Meyer, P.E., D.GE

Speaker Matthew Meyer, P.E., D.GE, of Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., presents “Efficiency Associated with Variable Length and Capacity CFA/ACIP Piles.”

Mohamad Hussein, P.E.

Speaker Mohamad Hussein, P.E., of GRL Engineers, presents “Pile Driving Blow Counts Criteria or 100% Testing: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Best Practices.”

June 7, 2023

Natalie Solis, P.Eng.

Speaker Natalie Solis, P.Eng., of WSP Golder presents “Results of Trial Grouting at Ontario Power Generation’s Sir Adam Beck Pump Generating Station Reservoir, Niagara Falls.”

Clayton Signor, M.S.E., MBA

Speaker Clayton Signor, M.S.E., MBA, of Texas Pile, LLC presents “Cost Savings Utilizing Driven Piles in Central Texas Expansive Soils.”

Maarten Profittlich

Speaker Maarten Profittlich of Fugro presents “Foundation Optimization and Decarbonization of Concrete Piled Foundations by Bi-Directional Pile Load Testing.”

April 5, 2023

Leigh Anne Zhang and Chris Nelsen, P.E.

Speakers Leigh Anne Zhang and Chris Nelsen, P.E. of Delve Underground present “Hybrid Shoring Design for the Courthouse Commons Tunnel in San Diego, California: Controlling and Predicting Ground Movements.”

Alicia Plinio, P.E. and Patrick Granitzki, P.E.

Speakers Alicia Plinio and Patrick Granitzki of Dynamic Earth present “High Capacity Drilled Displacement Piles as an Alternative to Conventional Driven Piles.”

Tony Sangiuliano

Speaker Tony Sangiuliano from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario presents “Investment in Testing – Reuse of Existing Foundations – Greenock Creek Bridge.”